May 20, 2018, 4:30 am PT

Konnichiwa & welcome!

Thank you for visiting This site is somewhat of a central hub to a network of specialized sites owned, operated, or otherwise affiliated with us. Our interests and projects are wide-ranging and include everything from animation to web development to jewelry design. used to be primarily devoted to all things Japanese animation, but we've expanded so much that the animation area has been moved to the galleries section of this site.

This site is now home to many projects, galleries, and other interesting tidbits. Use the menu above to visit the basic information about what's hosted here at The galleries are home to the webmistress' & Yoshito's animation artwork collection(s). Clicking the gallery link will bring up the galleries in another tab or window.

We've added a new section called 'other sites' to the menu -- if you are looking for Z's jewelry shop or blog, those links are now available here, along with many other interesting links.

Arigatou (or, thank you!),
-zerospace, the webmistress

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