About zero-space.net

www.zero-space.net has been owned and operated by zerospace (also known as "Z" or "zero") since sometime in 2002. The registrar of zero-space.net has changed since the domain was first registered, so clear records are unavailable. I, zerospace, have no intention of letting go of this domain name anytime soon, as it has defined my web presence since I initially created the first version of zero-space.net years ago.

This site has changed dramatically throughout its years of existence. It began as a humbly-created MS FrontPage site in the beginning--having moved from its old free hosting service. I consider that to be version 0.9. As you can see, it is now on its 5th "major" version since then. The site's content has changed from time to time, but it primarily remains a gallery for my animation artwork collection. This was the original intent of the site when it was first created, and remains so through today.

Version 1.0 saw some massive changes from version 0.9 -- as version 1 was created using solely notepad, HTML, and JavaScript. Some alterations to 1.0 were made, before moving onto version 2. Version 2.0 again was created using notepad, HTML, and JavaScript with some CSS thrown in. This version had some alterations made, and took on new content in the form of galleries of some of my other hobbies. It also incorporated my ex's photography gallery. When that relationship came to an end, it was time to create version 3.0. As 2.0 was a combined site, 3.0 split off and became solely the work of the webmistress. Version 3.0 was a very simplistic design, heavily based upon graphics. While it looked nice, it was functionally limited.

Enter the idea for version 4.0. Version 4.0 was the earlier version of the site you see currently. It is powered by PHP, CSS, and some HTML and JavaScript. Some PHP components are database-driven and others are just purely for the versatility of the language. Version 4.0 relied upon a theme for the web application Coppermine (which then powered the artwork galleries) that I did not create. At the time I implemented it, I intended to learn how to create my own themes for Coppermine for a future version of the site.

Then there was zero-space.net version 4.1. This last version of the site was based upon my very own Coppermine theme (My second theme, actually). I called this theme "zerospace" for a lot of reasons, first and foremost because its design implies the site's name's origins. Version 4.1 was not only a visual upgrade from version 4.0, but it was also an expansion in capability. While 4.0's only truly powerful segment was the Coppermine Photo Gallery, 4.1's had additional functionality for both myself as the webmistress and for you, my visitors.

Next came version 5.0. Why the jump from 4.1 to 5.0? Well, the total revamp of all the core programming made it seem only natural to skip ahead to version 5.0. This site version is a retreat back to simplicity in visuals, but a huge expansion in customization and capability. This site is entirely driven by SQL and PHP. It's visuals are the result of HTML and CSS, mostly CSS. The new treat this time around was the gallery software, Meteor Galleries, designed, developed, programmed and copyrighted by zerospace. ^_^

The "gomakasu" generation of the site followed version 5.0. I suppose I should consider it v5.1 if I go along with how I've been labelling the various incarnations of this site. Whatever it is called, Gomakasu was the initial combination of zero-space.net and doushite.net.

Since the gomakasu version, we've moved on to calling the galleries "isshoninaru" to represent the merger of zero-space.net's galleries with doushite.net. We'll continue to make cosmetic changes to the site from time to time, but we expect the core programming to remain the same for awhile ^_^.

Thank you for visiting!

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